Mikizi Uta is one out of the nine members of µffins. She is a first year at Eidolon High School. She has short light blue hair. She is a leader of the sub-unit Ethereal Sound.

Personality Edit

Mikizi (or Miki) is a clumsy energetic girl who works at her mother's coffee shop, filling in from her till her mother comes back from a business trip. Mikizi spends her free time surfing the internet and playing video games (which can make her kinda crazy).

Mikizi always tries when possible to hang with Suzubaki, just incase something happens to her so then Miki can defend her in every way possible. Mikizi had always dreamed of being a school idol, but didnt think she would fit the type since she had her interests which was boylike, After being asked several times to be a school idol, Miki took the chance and went ahead to become one.

Hobbies and Clubs Edit

Mikizi enjoys using her Saturdays sleeping or playing video games all day all night and also practicing her singing skills. Since Miki is more of a singing-gamer type person she had to choose between a gaming club and chorus, of course she choosed chorus, hoping she would have the singing skills from the club to someday be a school idol

Other Edit

  • Mikizi has once won a little game tournament which she overreacted just a bit too much too the point she got suspended for 5 days from school
  • Mikizi's favorite Game is Overwatch
  • Mikizi adores the former school idols Suzuka Nakamoto, Yui Mizuno, and Moa Kikuchi for their (in her opinion) outstanding vocals and music in their current idol band, BABYMETAL
  • Mikizi's favorite holiday is her birthday :3
  • Mikizi's favorite season is winter

Covers + Solos Edit

Tokyo Teddy Bear (Mikizi Cover)03:16

Tokyo Teddy Bear (Mikizi Cover)

Loveless word- μffins cover02:38

Loveless word- μffins cover

Kaguya no Shiro de Odoritai -μffins cover-04:27

Kaguya no Shiro de Odoritai -μffins cover-

~ Snow Halation ~ -ENGLISH- ~ μffins cover ~04:20

~ Snow Halation ~ -ENGLISH- ~ μffins cover ~

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