Yuki Mori is one out of the nine members of µffins. She is a second year at Eidolon High School. She has long raspberry colored hair, but usually wears it up and in a bun (mostly double buns) She is a leader of the sub-unit Absolute Zero 

Snow Halation- Yuki μffins Cover

Snow Halation- Yuki μffins Cover


Yuki enjoys being outdoors and loves nature. Her favorite food is shrimp and her least favorite food is anything spicy. Yuki loves her cat Socks who is a light brown Maine Coon with white paws. Everyone in μffins thinks that she will end up being an old cat lady. Yuki can sometimes be lazy, but she will defend her friends to the end.

She can be nice but if you get on her bad side then you might wake up in a hospital. Yuki can also be very competitive so when there is a test coming up she always aims to get the highest score possibly.

Yuki might look tough and always smiling on the outside but she is very sensitive and hates people yelling and arguing but always tries to hide it.

Hobbies & ClubsEdit

Yuki tried to start a Cat Lover club no one wanted to join and the student council laughed at the idea.

She likes to climb trees and then sit at the top and throw things at the people below for fun (ex. acorns)


  • Yuki is afraid of bees and spiders
  • Favorite fruit is raspberries
  • Favorite color is mint green and Raspberry (also her hair color)
  • Doesn't like her sleep to be interrupted
  • Wears contacts because she doesn't like wearing her glasses
  • Her favorite season is winter because she likes snowball fights
  • Hates horror movies and haunted houses
  • Yuki loves bears, and cats

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Aishiteru Banzai (Yuki)

Aishiteru Banzai (Yuki)